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Our Story

Kernowspa was created in 2011 and we are proud to be a small family business and we hand make all of our products here in Cornwall.  We specialise in natural skincare, toiletries, soy wax candles and scented reed diffusers. Our name comes from merging the Cornish word for Cornwall (KERNOW) with what our products are all about (SPA). 

Based in the beautiful West Cornwall, home of St Michaels Mount, The Minack Theatre and Lands End, we are inspired by our surroundings every day.

St Michaels Mount

We manufacture every single product ourselves, by hand from beginning to end. This is so that we stay in control of the production process, and we do not contract out manufacturing to others.

Our Technical Director Helen studied  Chemistry at the University of Bath and went on to pursue a career in Cosmetic Science. She has a passion for product development and has previously developed ranges for large high street companies. Cornish born and bred, Helen wanted to move home to Cornwall in order to be close to her family. So she thought she would start her own Cornish brand, and in 2011 Kernowspa evolved! In 2013 Helen’s husband Laurence joined the business.  Laurence has many years of experience in managing luxury spas, and in sales and finance as well as holding a degree in Law. Both with individual strengths Helen and Laurence make a great husband and wife team.

We pride ourselves on our product knowledge. As a result of this all Kernowspa products meet the highest quality and safety standards. From the initial idea for a product to its launch, the whole process takes a number of months to ensure that the product passes all of the necessary tests required. These tests include stability, compatibility, microbiological, leak testing, and user trials (on humans not animals!). We maintain Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and have strict Quality Control measures in place. We hold Cosmetic Product Safety Reports for all of our cosmetic products.  Our products are registered on the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal, and we are fully compliant with the European Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 on cosmetic products.

We use the finest oils, butters, waxes and essential oils  in our products because we want to create luxurious products.  Our skincare and toiletries contain 100% natural ingredients.  It is important to us that we use sustainable ingredients in our products, and do our part to look after our planet.

We DO NOT use any of the following in our products:

Our products contain no Parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, petrochemicals, phthalates, lanolin, palm oil, artificial fragrances or artificial colours.

With so many talented business people in Cornwall, most of all we love using local suppliers and services wherever possible. We passionately care about our environment and try to reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can.  Our aim is to be as green as possible in terms of our packaging and our waste disposal.

Our mission to provide the highest quality products that customers will enjoy using time and time again. That is why we do what we do!