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Here at Kernowspa we take our commitment to increasing our sustainability very seriously and are doing whatever we can, whenever we can to limit our impact on the environment.

We see the impact the humans have with our own eyes when we walk our dogs on our wonderful Cornish beaches, with single use plastics and throwaway rubbish washing up on our shores on a regular basis. This is why we are happy and proud to say have eliminated all single use plastics from our natural skincare product range, replacing plastic bottles with recyclable and reusable glass bottles or metal tins.

Our skincare gift sets are, wherever possible no longer presented in single use boxes and never filled with throwaway plastic packaging, instead they are in reusable, locally made, cotton wash bags that can be used again and again, we have also removed the plastic tags and converted to recyclable paper shred to protect the products inside.

Our best selling candle tins are made of recyclable metal tins that once empty can be recycled at most recycling points. Or even better, why not try to find an inventive use for them. For example we have found that they make a funky plant pot for small house plants when cleaned out!

When you order from us you will find that your order is carefully wrapped and protected, using either paper packaging or packaging that we have reused from our suppliers, and we will put a little note in your order to let you know if this is the case :)

We haven't finished yet and we will always continue to try and reduce or eliminate our impact on our beautiful planet because if we all commit to even small changes it can have positive impact.