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Cornwall Coast Wax Melts

Cornwall Coast Wax Melts

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These coast wax melts are one of our personal favourites and we hope that their fragrance will remind you of happy times spent by the sea. Their citrusy sea breeze fragrance is fresh and uplifting and one of our most popular scents.


Our scented coast wax melts come in packs of 12 to give you fragrance for hours. They are made with a carefully chosen, eco friendly soy wax which will give you a longer burn time.

All Kernowpsa wax melts come packed in glassine pockets which are plastic free and eco-friendly. As a result of this the packaging is recyclable and biodegradable and we would encourage you to recycle them if you can.

Each pack of coast wax melts weigh approximately 50g.

Simply place each wax melt in the well of your wax melt burner, allow to melt and enjoy hours of gorgeous scent.


Each wax melt will create a pool of wax when heated that will give off scent. Just like a candle once re-set it can be heated again and again until it is gone.

Do not use with oil burners only use with wax melt burners. Scentsy or other similar brand name burners are not recommended for use with soya wax melts.

Like all Kernowspa products, our soy wax melts are proudly handmade in Cornwall. 


Don't own a wax melt burner? We have got that covered as well, so why not try the beach soy wax candle instead